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Prepping For Your Family Session

You booked a family session! Awesome! But now what? I think this is the most stressful part of the whole process. How do you prepare the kids? How do you prepare your husband? What should we wear? When you book with me, I want your session experience to be completely stress free. Now I know this can seem pretty impossible, so I am going to share a few tips that are included in my family session prep guide!

1. What to Wear

Now I know this can absolutely be the most difficult part. I've been on this end of a session as well. If you are anything like me, you need advice from 352 different people. The clothing choices can literally make or break the photos, which is why I offer an online personalized styling service included with all of my packages but here are just a few tips as well that are included in my prep guide:

- Dress accordingly to the type of location we choose! For example, in a field of wild flowers, maxi dresses/shirts for mom and little girls, khaki pants for the guys and boho styled clothing looks awesome.

- Kind of going along with above, dress accordingly to the season. If it is spring, choose a pastel color scheme such as blues and pinks. For fall, mustard yellows, neutrals, maroons.

2. Prepping Your Baby/Toddler

Bring your typical diaper bag, but throw in a few extra toys that will really help get your child's attention. Toys that play music, toys that make sounds and any toy that your child absolutely loves. Also just in case, I always suggest bringing a second outfit. Younger kids are messy so better to be prepared! Always bring age appropriate snacks. And lastly, do not stress if you feel your toddler is being a little difficult. I promise you, I will capture some amazing moments you won't even realize were happening.

3. Prepping Your Older Children

Family photos don't have to be something to dread. Portray the session as a fun way for the whole family to spend time together and talk to your children about expectations. Ask their opinions! The kids are always telling me during sessions things they want me to capture. Sure, some things may be silly but if gets them excited about it, you best believe we are going to go along with it! Be sure to tell them to follow the directions given by the photographer. Bribery is also an option and I always bring along some sweet treats as a last resort.

I hope this may help you feel a little more prepared when it comes to your family photography session. These are just a few of the tips in my prep guide. Once you book your session with me, I send over the complete guide so you can start preparing and getting things ready right away. If you are ready to book your family session, click here. I can't wait capture your sweet family moments!

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