It's time to plan for your session!


Whether you booked a family session, maternity session, or couples session, I am here to help you plan those picture ready outfits!


Where to start?

FIRST, start with choosing a color scheme but keep a few things in mind when doing so with the biggest thing to keep in mind is my editing style. I have a very warm and vibrant editing style and one thing that really helps me achieve that is throwing in a darker/bold color into the wardrobe. My favorite color scheme for all seasons in rust, neutrals and darker olive greens. Think earthy tones.
*Be sure to check out what is available in my client closet. View my client closet highlights on instagram here.

Other things to keep in mind: What time of year is your session scheduled for? What type of location are you envisioning? Where in your home are you planning to display these images?
A few examples of color schemes by season: 

  • Summer: navy + mustard, neutral tones such as khakis, cream, browns and chambray (try to avoid solid white, a textured white is okay)

  • Spring: soft pinks + blues (darker), sage or olive green + neutrals.

  • Fall: Rust + navy + neutrals, olive green + mustard + browns

  • Winter: Emerald green or maroon paired with grays, neutrals or golds. 

Once you find the color scheme that best fits your style, home decor and season of your session, it is now time to start having a bit of fun with it! A very large part of a successful family session is the wardrobe, so read more below on the do's and don'ts of styling your family!


Other Styling Tips!

1. Coordinate, don't match! It's best not to have two people in the same shade of the same color. Different shades or tones of similar colors is okay, but matching colors can cause everyone to sort of blend together. I try to think of all the different groupings for photos when styling. Will mom's outfit look good with just the kids, just dad, the siblings alone? 
2. Avoid solid white. Solid white picks up a lot of different hues and can often seem dirty, flat, or too bright in photos. Cream or oatmeal is a much better option, or a textured white like lace, swiss dot.
3. Limit patterns to just one person. Patterns are a great way to incorporate more colored options into the whole family wardrobe, such as putting someone in a floral dress and pulling colors from the floral. However, having more than one person in a pattern can be distracting and clash with the other pattern. Different textures are absolutely okay though!
4. Step out of your comfort zone, within reason. Don't dress like it's every day. This is a great opportunity to get dressed up and it is absolutely worth it! 
5. For the ladies, I recommend wearing medium or long dresses instead of pants as they capture more movement and are generally more flattering. Shorter dresses can be harder to work with with seated poses.
6. Dress for the weather. If your session is in the middle of summer, opt for short sleeves, breathable fabrics, and shorts for the kids. If your session is scheduled during the cooler months, add layers! This way we can remove or add some of needed due to the unpredictability of Ohio weather. If your session is scheduled for the winter, don't be afraid to layer up! For little boys, sweaters (with thermal clothes underneath), vests and beanies are a great option. For little girls or moms, thicker dresses like velvet are great at helping you stay warm and hide any under layers of clothing you may also have on!
7. Don't forget about shoes! Sometimes clients put so much time into finding the perfect outfits that they sometimes forget about shoes, especially for the kids. Avoid tennis shoes or bright shoes, and make sure the shoes match the vibe of the family outfits. Weather permitting, barefoot is also okay! 
8. Avoid anything with logos as these can be very distracting!
9. Accessorize! Suspenders, hats, bowties, floral headbands. These can add additional visual interest to the photos!
10. Consider professional hair and make up done. Again, you aren't getting professional family photos done every day. Professional hair and make up can go a long way! 

Lastly, don't be afraid to ask for help! That's what I am here for! I can help create a mood board for your family session to help you plan! Here are a few examples below: 


What to Bring to Your Session

1. Hairbrush or any make up items you may need for personal touch ups.
2. SNACKS! Or treats to use as bribes. I recommend not telling the kids you brought these along until they are needed. Be sure it isn't a messy treat!
3. For babies younger than 1, bring along a toy that I am able to hold to get their attention towards the camera.
4. Bring along a change of clothes for the kids just to be safe!

lys (209 of 1).jpg

Posing Tips!

1. No "look here and say cheese." I call these the grandparent shots and you will hear me say this a few times during your session. I always try to capture one of these in each area that we are in, but my primary approach guarantees a successful family session is more lifestyle based approach and capturing the real moments. When I am wanting everyone to look at me and smile, I will let you know! No need to coax the kids into fake smiles.
2. On a related note, if you feel the need to bring along another family member to help wrangle the kids, this is okay but be sure to let them know NOT to tell the kids to look at me and say cheese. 
3. Tickle, play, and snuggle. This is how we create those genuine moments. I will walk you through prompts and tell you a general idea of what I want you to do, but when in doubt, just keep loving on your kiddos!
4. Don't stress so much about your children's behavior! I do my best to try to keep them engaged and entertained without getting them too riled up! You just focus on being present with your family and I will handle the rest.