Prepping for your family photography session can seem overwhelming, but I am here to help you find the perfect outfits and location for your family!

1. Choose a color pallet!


When deciding on a color pallet for your family's outfits or your maternity session outfit, keep the location and season in mind. Example: if it is spring and we will be in a field, light colors and cool tones look great. Think blush, light blues, and creams... or blush, sage green, khaki. Neutrals and earth tones look good in any season. Jewel tones or darker earth tones really stand out in the summer months against the green grass and leaves. Also keep the color scheme of your home in mind for displaying the photos in your home!

2. Style mom first!

Moms! Style yourself first. We can sometimes have the hardest time finding an outfit for ourselves, so find your outfit and then build everyone else's around yours! Maxi/midi dresses photograph beautifully in fields. Most importantly, I want you to be comfortable. If you aren't a typical dress wearer, don't feel like you need to wear one!

3. Limit patterns, but add texture!

Limit one person to a pattern. Different patterns do not photograph well together and can make the images look very busy. Instead, add different textures. Lace, ribbed/knit material, silk, corduroy, denim are all great options that also allow you to stay in your preferred color pallet! 

4. Coordinate, don't match!

Your family (or you and your significant other) don't have to entirely match. In fact, I suggest finding ways to just coordinate, not match. I keep your family super cozy and snuggly during your sessions, so people in the same colors can almost look like they are blending together in a photo. 

Other tips for styling for your session:

1. Take advantage of my client closet or my personalized styling options!
(see example below) 
2. No text or logos. These can be very distracting.
3. No ball caps. I love a good fedora though!

4. Moms, consider getting your hair and make up done professionally! 
5. If you aren't sure, just ask! Lay it all out and send me a photo.