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Meet Your Photographer


Hello, I am Megan! I am a family photographer based out of North Canton, Ohio. I am a mother of three amazing kids and a wife to a husband that I adore. Coffee is how I get through my days, and sometimes my evenings. When I am not working, sitting down to read is my favorite thing to do. I love cats (we have four), golden retrievers (we have two), being outdoors, and the color purple. 

Art itself has literally always been an interest of mine. I remember my dad telling me when I was just 5 years old that I "was born to be a artist." In high school, I took an incredible photography program where I quickly learned photography was more than just a hobby for me. Taking a few years to focus on my family and myself, I finally picked up my camera again in 2017 and BOOM. Here I am.

My goal when photographing couples or families is to capture personalities.  The little moments are the moments I love the most. I want someone who doesn't personally know you to be able to look at your photos and feel the love between you and your partner or between you and your kids. Whether it is an engagement session, or a family session, we will create beautiful images that capture those genuine emotions for you to cherish forever.

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